A "Green" Appraisal Company?


bicycle recycle appraisal company 


Can an appraisal company really be green?  We like to think we are helping to make a small difference.

Some ways that we reduce our footprint:

  • Only recycled paper is used in the office.  We changed from legal to letter size paper.  We recycle the paper that we do use.
  • All office light fixtures that can use Compact Fluorescent Bulbs have them.
  • We email instead of mail or deliver all appraisal reports (don't print them unless you have to).
  • Whenever possible, we schedule multiple inspections in the same geographic area for the same day.
  • We turn off our lights and heat/air at night.  We generally use window/sunlight during the day. 
  • Our appraisers mainly work out of home offices, reducing auto trips, no commuting to "the office".
  • Our office is centrally located, which shortens the average length of auto trips.
  • We try to schedule appointments during non commute hours to reduce car time.
  • We properly consider the market effect of energy efficient home improvements such as solar, dual pane windows, and insulation.
  • All office furniture was purchased "pre owned."

Interested in going green?  Here are some resources:

http://www.enviroliteracy.org/article.php/1345.html  home & office tips

http://www.thegreenoffice.com/  National supplier of mostly recycled/green office supplies.