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 sacramento appraiser testimonials

Thank you so much Mr. Burton, you have been amazing during this process... 
you have been absolutely STELLAR. Thank you SO MUCH!!!
I appreciate you responding so quickly!

April R,
Appraisal Desk Team Lead

Hi Scott,

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for doing such a nice job on the appraisal.

In our industry we tend to only ever receive negative feedback and rarely the positive, so I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you.

T.B. | Government Underwriter


Thank you Scott.  You did a really nice job on (what we already knew) was a challenging property.  I really appreciate your diligence and professionalism.  I wish you were the appraisal that I ALWAYS drew through the VA.  There are a few out there that don't even come close to your quality or professionalism!  -



The following information is for an appraiser in Northern California that I would like you to add to our Approved list. His reports are outstanding and he really cares for his clients. He did an outstanding job on a recent report for a good client of mine.


His report is attached for your review.

Thank you,


Your appraisal is great by the way.  Comments, Comps, Details,  Photos, etc... Thank you for going above and beyond.  I have 2 other VA appraisals suspended that are night and day from your quality.  Thanks for that.

R. H.

Wells Fargo

Thank you Scott. I usually refer my clients to Patty and we’ve been looking for a reliable appraiser to work with. We really appreciate your company’s service.

Thank you,

C. Thao

Sacramento, CA


Thank you for your extra efforts on this one!! Thanks to your addendum, the loan has now been purchased by the investor.



Western Sierra Appraisal Management


Thank you so much for your professionalism and outstanding appraisal's
on these two properties.. The owner was very pleased. If we have the opportunity to work in your area again we will certainly call and refer anyone else to you for services.

Paso Robles CA


Yes thanks Scott you really are the exception to appraisers.  Most are unavailable, short, borderline rude, and reply very slowly...Kind regards


Sr. Loan Officer

San Clemente, CA 

Thank you very much for the quick turn around on this house/appraisal.  I see why you came highly recommended!!
Thank you.

Mortgage Loans and Realty
Whittier, CA  90605



Thank you very much for your assistance with this property.  I know that there were not many comps to work with.  So again thank you for all your work. I'll definitely give you a call when then next one comes up. 



Re:    VA Appraisal of xxxxx, CA

        Your Appraisal File No. XXXX

Dear Mr. Scott M. Burton:

Based on our review of this appraisal, your report appears very well done with no significant errors or omissions apparent..No reply to this review or correction of your appraisal report is required. 

Please contact me if there are any questions on this review.  Thank you.


VA SAH Agent

VA Sacramento Office


Thank you AGAIN for your ability and willingness to jump right on this request for data, Scott – you are much appreciated!  I have forwarded your comments to the lender and HOPEFULLY they will need an appraisal done. We will send it over if it is forthcoming.

Take good care out there in beautiful California!




Thank you very much Scott. I appreciate your assistance with these two

properties. When I have more loans in CA, I will be contacting you again.

Stacy K.

Mortgage Consultant

Scottsdale, AZ. 85254