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National Public Data

Hud.Gov Census Data by address

Sacramento County

Sacramento County Assessor Parcel Viewer GIS Searchable by address or Assessor's Parcel Number

Sacramento County Permit Search
 Registration required

Sacramento County Recorder's Office  I use this to verify very recent document numbers.  Search by seller name and year for quick result.

Sacramento County Zoning Code

City of Sacramento

City of Sacramento Zoning Page The entire zoning code and map book (large file) are available here.

City of Sacramento Zoning Definitions What does R1 or RMX mean?

City of Sacramento Traffic Counts Traffic counts by street, Sacramento City only

City of Sacramento Permit Search 

City of Sacramento older record search

City of Sacramento records general search

City of Sacramento Traffic Counts

City of Elk Grove GIS data

City of Elk Grove Residential Zoning Definitions (RD1, RD-4, etc)

City of of Galt Residential Zoning District

City of Galt Zoning Map

City of Citrus Heights Zoning definitions & link to map

City of  Folsom Zoning and map


Yolo County

Yolo County Recorder Document search. I use this to find very recent document numbers (search by seller/owner last name).

Yolo County Assessor-parcel look up

City of Davis

City of Davis Zoning.

City of Davis Zoning map pdf

City of Davis Zoning Descriptions


City of West Sacramento GIS Searchable by address, has zoning information, works great. Does not have square footage & other property attributes.

City of West Sacramento Zoning map pdf

City of West Sacramento Zoning Definitions (residential)

City of West Sacramento Permit Search

City of Woodland Parcel Viewer with zoning

City of Winters Zoning map & definitions


Placer County

Placer County GIS Searchable by Assessor's Parcel Number or Address. .

Placer County Zoning Definitions (Residential)

Placer County Zoning Definitions Table

  Need parcel number to search, includes parcel maps

Placer County Permit Search Searchable by address or parcel number

Placer County Permit Search Archive

Placer County Recorder Obtain recent document numbers for sales.  Search by last name.


City of Roseville GIS Zoning, square footage, map

City of Roseville Zoning Code pdf See page 29 for Residential Zones. Summarized here:

Single-Family Residential (R1)

Small Lot Residential (RS)

Two-Family Residential (R2)

Attached Housing (R3)  Multiple-family housing.

Residential Mixed Use (RMU)

City of Roseville Zoning Districts Definitions and Land use Designations

City of Lincoln Zoning

City of Loomis Planning-Zoning page

City of Loomis Zoning Code

City of Rocklin Zoning


Solano County

Solano County Property Information

Solano County GIS 

Solano County Recorder's office Public records searchable by Document number, Grantor, Grantee

City of Vacaville Zoning Map

City of Vacaville Permit Search  Able to search by address, printable versions of the permits are available.

City of Vallejo Zoning Code (pdf)

City of Vallejo Zoning

City of Fairfield


City of Fairfield Zoning Map

City of Fairfield Zoning Descriptions

City of Dixon Zoning Map




San Joaquin County

San Joaquin County GIS Zoning, lot size, utilities and plat map

Zoning Ordinance

Zoning Definitions pdf

City of Lodi Zoning

City of Tracy Zoning-GIS

City of Stockton Zoning